AUTOMATION GIVES FREEDOM-Automate Your Business So That You Can Enjoy Your Freedom.


Imagine if I had to manually post my store products on my social media 5 or more times daily, send a thank you email each time I receive an order on my website, or a welcome email to every customer that visited my website, write a blog daily to engage my viewers,... wheeewwww! My head is already spinning and I am not yet finished listing all the requirements to run a successful e-commerce business without employees. I tell you one thing, all business owners wish to operate their business successfully without any overheads. It is definitely possible, but one must master the skill of automation. I love the idea that over 60% of my business is run on automation. This means I set it and forget it. Let me quickly share with you some of the ways you can automate your business. 

You can schedule your social media posts to be automatically posted on the date and time you decide. just like this blog post you are reading. I like to share a new blog content every Tuesday on my Facebook page, to teach my audience something new and also to drive traffic to my website. I schedule my blogs through Facebook every Sunday night to be posted on Tuesday mornings at about 9 am. As a full-time mom, I am attending to my children at that time. My work time is literally one to two hours every day at my son's nap time.   Thank goodness for automation I am still able to serve my loyal audience with valuable content while they are scrolling through their timeline. You may also achieve this by utilizing the schedule post feature on Facebook. 

You can also schedule your products to be automatically posted on your social media platform throughout the day. In addition to the Facebook scheduling feature, there are plenty of applications that will allow you to do the same. I schedule my products to post on my websites to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, for up to a month or even longer. This saves me plenty of time to focus on taking care of my children and focus on other important parts of growing and improving my businesses.

It is very important for any business to focus on list building and customer service. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a business to have a growing list of emails.  Without it, there really is no real business. Imagine if every time a customer visits your website you have to track them down for their email or record it manually? Well, no need to because automation takes care of all of that. I would be glued to my computer all day long if I had to create email marketing campaigns every time I need to update customers of the new arrivals in my stores. I don't know about you, but I'd call it quit. With email marketing campaigns automation I can send my customers beautifully designed emails to drive them back to my website to make purchases.  You should have an effective email marketing system in place to automatically capture leads and even sort and tag those leads based on their action taken on your website for future targeting. Your email marketing automation should include welcome email series for new subscribers, retargeting emails sequence, abandoned cart email sequence and more. If you do not have these in place then you should get started now. You may download my cheat sheet on The Top 8 Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast

I have come to realize that one of the top reasons people are afraid to become entrepreneurs is because they believe it is too time-consuming. I fell victim of that belief until I started automating my business. You may agree with me that a stay at home mom works longer and harder than working a 9 to 5 job. Well, my friend, I can testify to that. I highly doubt my business would still be in existence if not for the power of automation. I was recently asked the question, how do you do so much and still have such freedom to spend time with your family? The answer is simple automation. 

Thinking of starting your own online business? Do you currently own a business and still manually powering your business round the clock? I would like to introduce you to our popular growing program at BTE Academy- Business Start Up Boot Camp. In this program, you will learn all the fundamentals of building a business from the ground up. There is an entire module which focuses on business automation. Learn more about Business Start Up Boot Camp and how you can enroll now at an early bird price. Not sure if Business Start Up Boot Camp is for you or have questions? Please feel free to schedule an appointment to speak with me personally to discuss your business goals. You may find answers to your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions section on

You may also be interested in downloading my cheat sheet on the Top 8 Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and found great value in it. Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. 



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