Seven years ago I started my business selling my style of fashion to other women. I went from selling eye-catching costume jewelry from brown paper bags to owning a small store on a popular street in the boogie down the Bronx in New York.

My business grew worldwide and I was shipping from my home and my store to Jamaica, UK, Canada, Trinidad and you name it. To be brutally honest, I was excited to be a boss but can you imagine how time-consuming it must have been to handle shipping, restocking, reordering, and everything else that goes into managing a store?

I loved my business but there was nothing I enjoyed more than to spend time with my family especially my daughter. That’s the traditional way of doing business.Why bother when you can get even better results working smarter and not harder, being in business without being so busy.

I want to share with you the #1 way to start a profitable online business before 2018 for FREE without even quitting your day job. Let’s jump right into it.



Let me introduce you to a business model known as drop shipping.This is by far the simplest and most effective way to start an online business that will generate income for you with no startup investment is inventory. Drop Shipping is a retail fulfillment method that does not require you to keep products in stock. Instead, you present the item(s) to the customers on your website. Once a customer purchases the item(s), you then pay the supplier for the product and they do all the heavy lifting of packaging and shipping the item to the customer for you.

It is that easy! You do not ever see or touch inventory or go to the market to purchase products, wait for a customer to purchase, package and ship the product yourself (like I did in the past). This means exactly what you are thinking. You can take vacation whenever you want.

Why Dropship?

Well, drop shipping is an international friendly business model for anyone in the world to start a business at low cost and generate massive income of no limit.  Imagine sitting on the sand in the Bahamas running your business while enjoying a great vacation with family. Imagine earning a 6 figure income without forefooting the cost of products and overhead. Yup, I know the feeling and it’s a darn good one. 

I wanted to be a stay at home mom that was very involved with my kids and not miss out on any stage of their development. I needed to find a way out. Drop shipping was my way out. This business model is a great way for a stay at home moms/dads to start and run a stress-free business to earn an income while still doing what they love. It is so simple you can do it without even quitting your day job.

I have been drop shipping my products for over 3 years now and I have had massive success where I was able to retire from my full-time job to become a stay at home mom. My greatest joy from my business is to be able to spend time with my family whenever I want and not having to work so hard or operate a storefront. 

In fact, everyone is mobile! By this I mean the entire world is online. Why not put your business online?

Let me settle any concerns you may have at this moment. You might ask yourself “What do I sell? How do I start? I am not tech Savvy, will I be able to do it?

The art of drop shipping is demonstrated in my training program at BTE Academy, Business Start-Up Boot Camp.

This program not only walk you through the steps to set up your drop shipping business, but it also guides you to find your winning niche. You can drop ship any and everything from t-shirts, mattresses and even cars, you name it. You can start selling products that people are buying everyday “If it ships it’s a hit!” The best part is you can drop ship products from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

BTE Academy

BTE Academy is an online resource to develop and empower entrepreneurs by providing them the simplest, most effective and efficient tools and resources, to start, grow and develop a successful business.

Our popular program gives you step by step guide to starting an online drop shipping business and to generate income immediately.

As a bonus for purchasing the program and becoming a member of BTE Academy, you will also get a specific guide to finding the perfect niche, communicating with suppliers and adding your own brand to your products.

You will also learn how to brand your business and all the other content you need for your business to be successful.

You will have an introduction to promoting your business on social media, building your email list and making your first sale.

You will also get the list of the most effective plug-ins you need to ensure high conversion rates of your store. You’ll have access to me, the instructor for one hour, one on one scheduled live video sessions to make sure you follow the correct steps and you are making progress and much more. Learn more now

I want to make sure you will never get stuck.

Enrollment now opens with an early bird price early bird price for enrolling now



You are reading this article because something on the topic or the content speaks to you. You are looking for a stress-free, inexpensive way to earn an income or even to create multiple streams of income. Well, this is your answer.

Not sure if Business Start-Up Boot Camp is for you? Feel free to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your business goals. I promise to give you the right guidance. 

I do hope you found this article to be very helpful. I encourage you to wrap up this year with a new venture to build your own dream business online.

Don’t forget to subscribe to BTE Academy for more free business resources, live training, and blogs. Follow us on Facebook and REMEMBER, FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS BUT FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD!



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