Business Start-Up Boot Camp Mini Course


This course is a mini version of our Business Start-Up Boot Camp Program. It is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or seeking a new business model. 

The course has 3 modules as follows: 

Module 1

  • What is Drop Shipping & how does it work
  • Brick + Mortar VS E-commerce
  • The benefits of drop shipping
  • Tools needed to start & run a drop shipping business

Module 2

  • How to find a profitable niche
  • How to sell drop shipping products
  • How to import products to your store

Module 3

  • Mistakes to avoid when drop shipping
  • How to get your dropshipping store noticed
  • The complete seven steps to success blueprint
  • Business Start-Up Boot Camp walkthrough

Along with this course, you will receive a list of the top 100 niches to sell in 2017-2018. Click the BUY NOW button below to purchase this course and you will receive all 3 modules in your inbox.